Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams

I noticed the other day in the University convience store they sold Tim Tams made by Pepperidge Farm. Wow! I must try those someday since K&K rant and rave about them.

So, today is the day. (since I have a pretty crappy lunch) I trudged over to the store and picked up caramel Tim Tams. They also had chocolate creme Tim Tams. Which is the original Katia?

I don't have any liquer to do a Tim Tam slam here in the office.... but I can make a cup of tea...

brb. going to make tea!

back.. mm. tea..

opening the package.. wow. They are really caramelly smelling. Nice how they come individually separated.

Here we go.. Tim Tam Slam time! Let's see if I can do this without getting cookie all over my desk.

ok. Try 1: FAIL. I couldn't slurp anything up! Then the end of the cookie melted... and now i have chocolate caramel all over my desk. Maybe the American ones cannot perform the Tim Tam Slam? I bit off the corners.. but my mug is pretty shallow. I'll try biting both sides this time.

Very yummy cookie!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...

Try 2: SUCCESS!!!!

OMG. Simply.. Katia was right.. simply... orgasmic...

oh gawd. This is wonderful. YUMMMY.

Simply irresistible!

I love Tim Tams.

I feel so full from just 2 Tim Tams.

I love Tim Tams. That is all I have to say.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Episode 21 - the one where kyliemac nearly falls into the seine... and stuff...

Dear K&K,
It's the legal episode! Yum. Vodka and OJ.

That's hilarious that Kyliemac almost fell into the Seine. I could see it. "American catches typhoid from falling into the Seine".

Awww.. Kyliemac is making friends!

Snow. I love snow. But stupid Marylanders do not know how to drive in that stuff.

hahaha.. love that Kyliemac left her ball hat on in the movie theater! I have the same exact style of hat! I thought it was bubble too! It must be fun to go to the movies with Kyliemac. Yes, Katia's laugh is 'unbridled'.

MMM.. Craisons. I love them. yum yum. Kyliemac, where do you put your wallet if you don't carry a handbag? haha.. a Katia had a "Craison panic attack".

haha.. katia knows about chia pets b/c of Waynes World!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode 20 - the one where they become art critics... and stuff..

Dear K&K,
Yes, I am continuing the blog even after I didn't win the contest!
I have loved blogging these past couple of months, so I'm going to continue!

Heh. no coffee table studio yet!

Hahhaa.. love the farting person in the dear. I read something yesturday that farting helps regulate blood pressure.

The episode begins with Symphony getting involved by getting jealous.

Wait a second... I've been thinking Symphony getting on the mixer - Like as in A Cooking Mixer. A KitchenAid Mixer. A Mixer You Use to Make Cakes and Cookies.

OMG. I'm so stupid. It's a a mixer as in Sound Equipment.

Um. Duh. I've listened to all 200 episodes and I've Finally Realized This.

On with the program.

Ah yes.. I never see other people's scores when I was in school... well.. sometimes they were posted by last 4 Social Security digits, but my university stopped doing that. My calc teacher in high school would announce your grade when she handed your calc test back to you i.e. "Samantha you got a 98". If you failed, she would whisper the grade, but everybody could still hear your grade! Sounds like Kyliemac did well! After all.. she does have a License to Speak English right now.

Berets. I wore one for a time in high school. I thought it was cool. It came from the Gap.

Love looking at the paintings with dog poo! lol.ewwww!

wow, cool how shops and houses were on bridges. Lots of INTERESTINGS in this episode.

Well, if i ever go to that museum, I will make sure to look for the poop pictures.

Yea, postcard exchange! I wonder where my postcard is that K&K sent me.....

EPISODE 200 - the one where they go live for the first time, in Paris... and stuff...

Dear K&K,
Ok.. I have another live blog I wrote when I was watching the podcast on Sat, but it is on my computer at home... I'll have to upload it later.

Weee!!! Love hearing the crowd. I had a bit of a hard time listening to the live show, but it was great to see and hear the crowds.

Love the dear! I met sooooo many people chatting on the live K&K broadcast. I have so many twitter friends now. ;-)

Yes, I know how much Katia HATES the post office.mmm... buffalo wings. yum. I want buffalo wings...

Oh wow, I cannot believe you can see Notre Dame in the windows! wow.

Oooh. question time!

Steve == rhino75?

Nudity in France. lol. Yes! I remember K&K discussing the hemroid cream on the earlier episodes. I think nudity in advertising is ok.

Peeing in public is a CRIME. It is soooo gross. When I have to go, I don't go. I find a TOILET. Should be Equal Opportunity Peeing. Is peeing in public illegal in Paris?

OOOh. French men can say things that American men cannot get away with.

A stubby = beer... ok.. i totally thought it was something else. "Coming home to a man with a stubby". I got a really BAD IMAGE. lol.

Yes, I think the French men exudes confidence.

It is interesting to learn about Sarcozy & Bruni. Ewww.. I don't want to know about Lewinsky.

Line jumping, wrong! I hate it! When I'm in Taiwan, people line jump all the time.Someone tried to cut in front of me at JoAnn fabrics at the cutting station this past weekend! I was number 76 and number 77 cut in front of me! The lady at the cutting station refused to serve the cutter. Then the cutter left all in a huff puff. I only had 1 piece of fabric to cut! It took less than 2 minutes! I can't wait to hear the episode of "The one where Katia spits on someone who cuts in front of her in line... and stuff... " Symphony is on the mixer!

mmm... Breakfast in America... that sounds like a fun place!

Boo. I didn't win anything for contest #2! That's ok. This blog is soooooo fun. I'm going to continue it anyways!

One of these days I have to hear the muffin man!

Wait a minute. That is MY VOICE at the end! Holy crap! I'm right after TexasEspresso (LOVE HER!). I sound like a dork. lol. Why do I sound like I'm 12 years old?

Episode 200 was AWESOME! Congratulations!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I dreamed that I MISSED the K&K episode 200 episode! I was driving through Ohio (I don't know where this came from) and I MISSED it!

Horrible Horrible!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Episode 199 - the one where kylie gives katia permission to put the christmas decorations up... and stuff...

I am all Caught up on Current Episodes!

Dear K&K,
M&M Discrimination! lol.I miss the light brown M&M's. OOH. M&M discussion! I prefer peanut butter M&Ms. What? a peanut M&M is NOT an original M&M!

OOOh. is FWAB part of the super secret episode 200?

That's amazing a doctor coming to your house. Period.

Thanksgiving discussion. WEEE! I love turkey. I still have turkey in my frig. I wonder how long I can keep turkey before it goes bad? I made a 20lb turkey for the first time! mmm.. pumpkin pie. it's like custard French people! OMG! $100 for a turkey? HOLY COW! I paid $40 for my fresh turkey.

Hhaha.. dotting people who hug and not hug. and who kiss and not kiss.

Black Friday. I never, ever go out. They had super sales online and I bought a pair of jeans.

OOH SNOW! love how Katia says 'the crutch and the toe thing' all casually. Katia, you can come to Minnesota with me during Christmas and you can Walk On a Lake. What do you think of that?

Yes, I vote for caroling!

Lol. love the Wii begging letter. That's awful that kids COMMAND christmas gifts.

Happy Birthday Katia's mum! Love all the meetups in Australia.

Katia, it is called a pornstash.

Love Justin's message. It's like a blog entry for K&K.OK. I just totally spit out my pretzel when Justin said "I just ate a sandwich for dinner". laughing sooooooooooooooooo hard.

Anna! Have fun at rhum-rhums!!! K&K, show my friend a good time!!!

I am SO EXCITED about Episode 200! I will be sitting at 11am on my couch, drinking coffee and watching K&K! I am sooooooo EXCITED!

Episode 198 - the one where they talk about arranged marriages... and stuff..

Dear K&K,
Animesh! He is so funny. Oregano. lol.

YES! I will be on the internets for the live video on December 6th!

hahaha.. Katia punished a frenchman by hugging him!

What? The American ASS hug. OMG. lol. oh gawd. I am LAUGHING SO HARD.

ASS hugger. oh gawd. I am still laughing.

Animesh, the same thing happens to me when I visit family in Taiwan! The pollution is so heavy and the soot covers my face.

OMG. Arranged marriages in India!

30 is old to get married? I'm 29!

Love the India vs. Australia cricket match argument!

I hate the "How are you doing" people in the USA do too!!! In Taiwan, everybody asks "Have you eaten yet?".

why did all of a sudden everybody get really loud?

I just got back from a meeting... continuing...

hmm.. I cannot find the point where I paused the podcast!

Confused... confused...

Continued the next day....

Ewww.. Smokers in Paris, even after the smoking ban?

LOL. We are going to have JEMS from India! I can't wait for that episode. Love the joke about Animesh's 'new wife'. lol.

OOOh.. must leave a Skype message for K&K.

LOL. I'm so glad Katia's finger looks ok.
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